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The introduction of the ALLERGOFILTER

1. The premise of the creation of ALLERGOFILTER and the legal state 

The purpose of the ALLERGOFILTER was the will to provide a preventive and intermediate solution against the allergic attach (mainly aerial) and its’ symptoms.

To meet the requirements the product has to provide effective results versus the different kind of allergic materials (pollens, animal hairs, mites, dust and other micro impurities, flavours, chemical irritations). At the same time it has to be more aesthetic wearable and transparent than the competitive products (pastes, bandages, special masks, injection treatments), does not set back the daily activities and life, has no side effects and the price of it is competitive enough in the widest society, even without the state subsidization and it also deals with the different anatomical size requirements of the users.

The ALLERGOFILTER is a registered and catalogued patent since 2005 in Hungary. The release permission issued under the 16/2006 EüM order and the it has the required Product Registration (EU) code.

The ALLERGOFILTER „word” trademark and sample protection is also registered under the MHSZ and the extension into the EU and outside the EU is ongoing at the moment (USA, Australia).

2. The short review of ALLEGOFILTER  

The ALLERGOFILTER is a special, open cell air filter spounge, which can be placed into the nose with a fingertip with a smooth push up. It’s easy to wear and after the inlay it cannot be seen from outside which makes you more comfortable.

The functional principle is that the air pollution, pollens and other impurities as crossing the special cells of the filter are being trapped in one of the hundreds of micro size cells and are not able to reach the respiratory or the blood circulation system of the human body.

The filter also deals with all the kind of materials which has physical range. In this case the efficiency depends on the size of the material itself.

During the clinical test phase of the ALLERGOFILTER one of the most important purpose was to find the best possible cell size, which allows easy and trouble free respiration but at the same time the highest efficiency as a „trap”.

The final and applied filter was chosen on the results of these clinical trials. The material of the filter is resistant or non reactive against acids, alkalines, oils and fat, which means that there is no side effect or chemical response in the nose after installation.

 The filter is disposable and after using it, it can be easily remove with a medium blow. The filter is a roll shape device in 3 different sizes: S (diameter: 10X6mm), M (diameter: 11X10mm) and L (diamter 12X10mm). The color of the filter is beige, almost nude which reduces the visibility of the product.

According to the clinical trials (by the SZOTE Department of Physiology) the daily capacity of filters is about 0.2 gr/day (pollens, dust, etc).

3. The planned method of release of the ALLERGOFILTER

The ALLERGOFILTER as it is a disposable product is planned to be released in a 60pcs box (monthly dose) in 3 sizes (S, M, L). The method of packaging is blister foil (like the pills), and 6X10 pcs compose the monthly dose, which is covered in a small paper box.

 A special „sample collection” is also available with 2-4 pcs in all sizes, which allows users, testers to try and find out their size requirement. This set is not blister foiled, ant there are 10pcs in a PE bag and boxed.

The filter is very flexible, its weight is only just a few tenth of grams, so wearing it will not cause any irritations (except in some extraordinary personal cases or psychic based resistance), and its adaptation capability to the different nose shapes has no negative affect on the efficiency of the „trap”.

Both the normal and the sample collections are boxed in aesthetic and art worked way (4 colors available), and the filters can be found in a 2 rows sheet (5 filters in each row, 2x5 filters per sheet).

 4. The release of the ALLERGOFILTER and the pricing

The release of the ALLERGOFILTER started in the end of april 2007 to be able to cover the needs of the allergic sicks before the „ragweed season” kicks off and to gain the required general reputation.

The ALLERGOFILTER is available – through special parners - in chemist’s shops, pharmacies, drugstores and in special health-care shops. The actual list can be found on the website.      

5. The proposed utilization guide of the ALLERGOFILTER

The main purpose of the ALLERGOFILTER is to provide a defender mechanism against the aerial pollution and pollens as protecting the mucous membrane of the nose and obstruct the incursion of these pollens into the respiratory system and lungs and into the blood circulation. The tone is on the prevention. 

Generally speaking each individual knows almost exactly the period when the symptoms appear in his/her life. It is practical to start using the ALLERGOFILTER days before the expected impacts.           

During the acute phase it will also decrease the symptoms, however in this period there is a requirement of the multiple change of the flter in a day.            

The ALLERGOFILTER can be used as a „labour safety” device as it also handles industrial dust, micro contaminations, flavours and other impurities.           

Due to the fact that the ALLERGOFILTER in some cases may correct the inside nose formal failures, the filter may help to solve or soften some respiratory anomaly (snore).           


The use of ALLERGOFILTER is suggested to persons over the age of 14. 

6. The unique ALLERGOFILTER and its advantage against other devices, medicines            

ALLERGOFILTER is the one and only – aesthetic and multi sized- solution which has no side effect. ALLERGOFILTER is a price competitive solution in the market with other prosperous employment possibilitis.  

7. The producer of the ALLERGOFILTER   


The producer of the ALLERGOFILTER is LA NELLA Ltd, and the product is available through its wholesale trade partners.           

Several articles and appearances in the press, tv, radio during the past few months and strong information background on the internet.      

Export Representative:

Ms. Andrea Dicsev

A.D. Trade Bt.

Phone: + 36 1 294 6961

E-mail: export@adtradebt.hu

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